Thursday, July 8, 2010

pattern mixing

i think the temperature was already above 80 when i left the house early this morning! there is nothing you can do when it's this hot but accept it and move on.

striped shirt~h&m
shoes~steve madden

i was at a loss this morning when trying to get dressed. you know the feeling when you're bloated and not in the mood to wear anything in your closet? that was me. i decided to try the stripes/florals mixing trend. when i put this outfit together i kind of liked it but now that i'm looking at the pictures i'm not really loving it. i'm 100% sure this is not the most flattering dress-which probably explains why i haven't worn in it except for once last summer. i love colors and the sweet floral print but the fit of the top is weird. or maybe i just feel icky and nothing was going to look today. yes, i am wearing the steve madden shoes again! i am so in love with them and pleased as punch that i decided to get them and they are perfect with pretty much everything in my closet. i guess i'm kind of ambivalent about the outfit. my goal of the day was to not look like a sweaty mess so on that level i succeeded....i think.

after work it's off to figure out something for dinner that doesn't require me to get near a stove :D


  1. I agree that the combination is a little odd. But I do love the shirt. I saw those at H&M the other day. I saw similar shirts like that at Nordstrom today as well. They are the new thing I guess!

  2. I think the pattern mixing is great! The two items are both in the black family which is why I think they work well together.

    Dinner without a stove? Salad? Sandwiches?

  3. Looking great as always Courtnee!!