Saturday, July 10, 2010

solitary saturday

cardigan~field game cardi~anthro
shoes~steve madden
i don't usually take photos on the weekend because they are either jamm packed and i don't have time or we do absolutely nothing and my outfits consist of gym shorts and t shirts. i do have a few things to do today but because the kids are spending the weekend at my parents and doug is at work i can move at a less frantic pace:D
i really wanted to not love rompers but i kind of like them(except for when i have to go to the ladies room!). it's strapless, which feels a little bare to me for running errands on a saturday afternoon so i opted to wear a cardigan. i'm really happy with how many things i've found to pair this sweater. it was a really good sale pick. and, the melrow clogs are back! they really are my new favorite shows.
i'm off to do all of the things i put off this week-laundry and grocery shopping-my two least favorite chores and maybe a pedicure to reward myself for doing them:)
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Way to still look cute even just to run errands. (And think of grocery shopping as me-time, getting all the stuff on the list but also treating yourself to some new tasty find!)

  2. This is the best romper I've seen anyone wearing to date! I love the style of the shorts part of it. :)