Tuesday, December 7, 2010

winter wonderland

This weekend we got the first snowfall of the season and did a little hall decking;)

                                                      The backyard covered in snow.
                 There are still a few leaves hanging on to this bush in the front yard. Brave little things!

    I think last year's tree was a lot bigger. I have jokingly called this our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
                                              I think it's lovely:)
                                  Classic Christmas ornaments in red, white, green and silver.
                                        The stockings are hung and waiting to be filled.

                 Our kitschy red tree in the family room because every house needs a little Christmas whimsy!
                                                                       Snow globes!!!!
                                           Candles and a vintage mirror light up a corner.

With most of the the holiday decorations up I think I've finally caught a little bit of the Christmas spirit. There are still lots of presents to shop for but I'm hoping to tackle that this weekend(of course I still need to figure out what i'm getting everyone!). I also made some sugar cookies but those didn't last long enough to get a picture of them!

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