Friday, December 3, 2010

back to basics


Heeelllllooo Friday! I'm so very happy to see you:) My day is really going according to plan. The plan was to do a bunch of running around to complete things that I didn't get to do because I was sick. I also wanted to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. However, when my son woke up this morning he wasn't feeling well. So now, whatever my daughter gave me has now made it's way to him. Good times:(  Despite the fact that he's thirteen, I still feel odd leaving him home alone{especially when he's sick}. So today I will stick around the house and tackle some chores(laundry...ick!) and get down to the task of finishing all of the holiday decorating{hopefully}.

details:sequin leggings-express/denim shirt-gap/cardigan-jcrew/shoes-target

I wanted the something comfortable to lounge around in and thought of leggings and an oversize shirt. Plain black leggings I apparently don't own, but black sequin leggings...of course:D If there is a wardrobe basic that I can own that is covered in sparkle I'm in obvious sucker for it. It must be the magpie in me! Enjoy your weekend.    

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