Monday, October 12, 2009

monday, monday



belt~taken from another dress

skirt~sidestep skirt~anthro

boots~tj maxx

i've been in love with skirt since i saw it the first time in anthropologie's catalog. it finally went on sale! they sold out in my size online but i was lucky enough to snag this one in the store. i found this sweater in f21 when i was shopping with my daughters the other day. it is so soft. the waist is banded so it will look great paired with jeans but the collar and sleeves are what really sold me. i was hesitant to pair the top with the skirt because i thought it would look a little drab then i remembered that i had this red belt from another dress that i rarely wear. it gives the perfect dose of color to the outfit. today is one of the perfect fall days-a little cool but sunny-and while i've really been enjoying the look of tights and leggings i thought that i'd better enjoy going out with bare legs as much as possible before the cold gets here. because d is sick and holed up in our bedroom i'm trying to stay out as much as i can. i didn't really have any shoes that i had access to that would look good with this outfit. the boots were at the bottom of the stairs so i decided what the hell! they definitely give a more casual vibe to this look.


  1. i LOVE this. that skirt is so cute and you are right, the belt is the perfect dose of color.