Monday, October 12, 2009

jay z and a homecoming









accessories~borrowed from mom

well, we found out on friday that d has a mild case of the swine flu..yikes!! we cancelled our plans friday to attend a surprise party for his uncle(obviously) and i spent friday evening dropping the kids off at my parents house and cleaning every surface in the house. the good news is he doesn't seem to be getting any worse but he still has a fever and feels like utter hell. saturday night the girls had homecoming so i spent most of the day getting them ready for the dance. i was prepared to stay home but doug insisted that i go the concert. i had a blast. i had no idea that n.e.r.d was the opening act so i was psyched when i got to see pharrell and his group in addition to jay z. the show was amazing and my girlfriends and i had a great night out. i forgot to take my camera but the picture above was taken after the concert. my daughters picked out the final outfit. i wasn't so sure about the sequin leggings but i guess i didn't look to crazy:)


  1. wow! love the outfits. you are such a chic mom. their legs go for days! i wish i had gams like those!

  2. they are so confident. i know that i didn't have that much confidence when i was their age!

  3. you look gorgeous! the leggings and those fabulous shoes were a great choice.

    ah, to be that young again.... men better watch out for those girls!