Monday, October 26, 2009

mad for plaid

plaid tunic/dress~ miley cyrus~wal-mart
faux leather/faux fur vest~target
black boots~jessica
grey knee socks~? borrowed from my daughter

happy monday!! i had a fantastic weekend. friday night i went out with two great friends and we had a wonderful time. it was one of the nights i used to have all the time when i was living in the city but they same harder to come by in the burbs. we had great food and conversation, amazing sangria. there was an art show and a little harmless flirting thrown in the mix as well. it was the perfect way to decompress after a somewhat hellish day. my daughter's birthday is today but we celebrated on saturday night. i can't believe my baby is freakin' 18! where did the time go?

even though my allergies are killing me, i was ready to hit the ground running this morning. i'm a little ashamed to admit that this tunic is from the miley cyrus line at wal-mart. i liked the drop waist and i thought the pink/black plaid combination was cute. i intended to wear it with tights but i didn't like the way the boots looked with tights. can i talk about how much i love these boots for a minute? seriously, the fact that i always seem to be attracted to jessica simpson shoes disturbs me a little, but these boots were exactly what i was looking for. they're tall, just a little slouchy and have a cone like heel. i think they're my new favorite boots. since i didn't want to wear the tights i grabbed these grey knee socks out of one of my daughter's dressers at the last minute. the vest from target pulls the whole look together without looking like i tried too hard(i hope). i have a ton of running to do after work today. for some reason the kids have a packed schedule this week so i wanted to be comfortable and pulled together at the same time.

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  1. loving the plaid with that vest!