Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i die...

skirt~anthropologie(5 or 6 years ago)
tights~betsey johnson~tj maxx
faux fur vest~f21
shoes~jessica simpson
i really love the look of the fur vest made popular by rachel zoe. she can really work the oversize look but i thought that a vest the size of the ones she usually wears might overwhelm me. i searched everywhere for the perfect one. of course i found exactly what i was looking for at f21...duh. the warm shades of brown, the perfect cropped length and the $23 price...yes please! i was immediately drawn to these tights because of the sweet little flowers on them. it was an impulse buy and i had no idea what i was going to pair them with. i stood in the closet this morning with these tights on and tried to pair them with several different skirts and dresses before deciding on this skirt. it is made of tulle and different kinds of ribbon. for whatever reason i always considered this a "summer" skirt but when i put it on over the tights i realized it works for fall as well. i realize that anthropologie is a little pricey and i can't remember whether or not i paid full price for this skirt but it doesn't really matter because i have never regretted one purchase from that store. they sell things that will work in your wardrobe forever. my favorite gold belt from old navy and my jessica simpson peep toes finish off the look.
in other news, the september issue didn't open here last weekend..boo! so no fun girls night out for me. i would've had to cancel anyway because my oldest daughter ended up going to the er on saturday. she woke up, stretched, heard a loud pop in her neck and couldn't move. i was with my son at the barber shop and d was out with his brother. one of my other daughters ended up calling 911 and we met them at the hospital. it was all quite dramatic. she's fine. it ended up being a severe muscle spasm but it scared the crap out of me. of course that started me thinking about her going away to school and what could happen to her there. the thought of her leaving is starting to terrify me a bit. i know she needs to go away-to get out of this city particularly- but i don't think it's going to as easy for me to let go as i thought it would be.

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