Monday, October 19, 2009

it's monday and i'm back!!!

skirt~dress worn as skirt~nataya from local boutique
turtleneck~old navy
black motorcycle jacket~f21
black suede booties~f21
good grief! it seems like i haven't posted in forever. between d's flu, keeping track of the girls schedule, shuttling my son back and forth to my parents house, work, etc...i was exhausted. i ended up taking two days of from work to regroup. everyone is home and healthy and things in our household are back to normal.

this weekend i finally got to see the september issue! it didn't open here until last weekend and things have been so hectic that i couldn't squeeze it in until yesterday. i loved it!! it was nice to see the personality behind the iconic bob and sunglasses. you know the phrase "if looks could kill"...yeah i think that i would die if anna shot me one of her withering glares. grace coddington is amazing. the shoots she creates are really works of art. it made me wish that i'd really had the confidence to go to new york and be a part of the fashion world when i was younger. it was really what i wanted but for whatever reason i didn't think it could be my reality. anyway, if you haven't seen it you should. i'm also looking forward to seeing where the wild things are with my son. i think i'm going to surprise him and take him one afternoon when he gets home from school. d told me he's never read where the wild things are! how can that be? where the wild things are, where the sidewalk ends and the giving tree are some of my favorite children's books and he hasn't read or been read any of them. i'm stopping to get him a copy on the way home.
the dress i'm wearing as a skirt today is one of my favorites. it has kind of a 20s feel to it. i wore this dress with the most amazing hat to the kentucky derby maybe eight years ago. i had a blast. the asymmetrical hemline and the sort of shredded ruffles on one side make it kind of quirky and interesting. the boots and the motorcycle jacket are the perfect contrast to the romance of the skirt. i've been a lot about who i am and what my style is lately. over the weekend a friend paid be the nicest compliment. he told me i was classic, continental and a little bit a good way. i guess i'm still basking in the glow of that compliment. have a happy monday!


  1. yes, interesting contrast with the flowy skirt and moto jacket:)

  2. I love this look. It has just the right mix to it. Feminine touches with the skirt but then a nice biker edge with the jacket. You look fab!!