Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i never promised you a rose garden

footless tights~target
sandals~charles david

it is a gorgeous day here! the temperature is back up in the high 60s. i was feeling a little sassy this morning, so i thought i'd wear red(i'm not sure why it looks so pink in the pictures). i bought this dress a few years ago at f21. i love, love the print! the last time a wore it i styled it in a much more lady like kind of way-cardigan, pearls Aden slingbacks. for whatever reason this week i'm really enjoying mixing the girly with a little bit of an edge(or as edgy as a suburban mom can get). the pattern of the dress really pops when paired with the black leggings. the dress is backless and a little too much for work so i threw on my fav faux members only jacket for coverage. i bought this same necklace for one of friends for her birthday a few months ago. i loved it and it looks great on her. i noticed on anthroholic(any anthro fans should check out her blog) that it was on sale, so i bought one for myself! i love it! i hope it's not floral overload. i'm going to take my son to see where the wild things are tonight and do a little mother son bonding:) have a glorious wednesday!


  1. very nice! love that necklace!

  2. I love the layering of everything and that floral dress is very pretty! Great look!

  3. Your style is way too cute! I stumbled across your blog via the budget chic. We're neighbors, I'm 4 hours north of you in Akron :)