Wednesday, October 28, 2009

feeling blue

jeans~almost famous~tjmaxx
shoes~steve madden
things have been so busy this week that i haven't been able to post any outfit photos. this morning a stayed in bed toasty and warm until the last possible second, which was a huge mistake because nothing, in terms of outfit, was coming together. i try to plan out at least a few options for the next day so i'm not scrambling and so that i have time to take my pictures in the morning. nothing morning i was drawing a blank. i knew i wanted to wear these fantastic new shoes from steve madden but it's not like i could face the world in just a pair of blue suede pumps. sometimes simple really is better. i grabbed these jeans-the distressing makes them a little casual for work but it should be a pretty simple day. the tissue tee is a few years old. i'm pretty sure i got it at target. the thin long sleeves make it perfect to wear with this caplet from f21. there's nothing fantastic about today's look..well the shoes are a bit fantastic, but some days i'm happy i made it out of the house looking decent:)


  1. Are you kidding? This outfit screams fantastic! First of all, I'm gonna go ahead and steal that jacket from you. I love how you layered a simple white top underneath. Those jeans look like they cost $200, and they look like 7's at first glance. And 3rd, or whatever number I'm on.. those flats make that outfit pop!

    A++++ from me!

    Does F21 still have that jacket?

  2. d~ thanks for the love. i saw the jacket over the weekend in one of my local f21 stores. i know that they also still have it online.

  3. i love this! love the colors...soft gray, white, cobalt blue! love!!!! wish madden made those in flats so i could wear them. i can't walk in least high ones and further, i can't wear them to work. too much walking involved!