Friday, October 9, 2009

basic black

sweater dress~ tj maxx
snakeskin print leggings~tj maxx
shoes~harajuku lovers~nordstrom
silver cuff~f21

i'm so happy it's friday. a rainy and gloomy friday but i'll take it! it's very rare for me to wear all black because i love color so much. when i was cleaning out my closet i realized that i didn't even own the essential lbd. in the last two weeks i've purchased two of them. i stumbled across this one at tj maxx. it's a perfect option for fall/winter. the sleeves and the neckline give it a little bit of drama. i can definitely wear this with boots or dress it up with heels. these leggings are not like anything i would typically buy but they work really well with this dress. the simplicity of the dress tones them down a bit. my fair city finally has a nordstrom! it took me a week but when i finally made it in there it was love at first sight with these shoes. actually it was love at first sight with the entire shoe department but i exercised a little self control and only purchased one pair. they are super comfortable. i had on a little black beret but took it off because i felt it looked a little too costume-ish. overall i really like this outfit. i feel kind of artsy and creative.

we have a busy weekend planned-the girls are going to homecoming, a birthday party tonight(for d's uncle) and the jay z concert on saturday! i'm looking forward to hanging out with some friends and having a good time. have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I might have to stop by TJ Maxx soon.... that dress and those leggings are PERFECT for fall!