Wednesday, September 22, 2010

summer, we are soooo over!

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Summer we are dunzo!!okay, not really since it's supposed to be a ridiculous 92degrees on the first freakin day of fall! what is up with that? I'm using the first day of fall as an excuse to bust out my new boots even if it's 90 d*** degrees. Like most of you I'm completely over my summer wardrobe. I'm ready to embrace boots, sweaters and layers, although I'm sure by January I'll be longing for these days. A pair of Frye boots have been singing their sweet siren song to me. I even had a pair in my cart on endless. Thankfully, my budget slapped me with a good dose of "girl, please!" I found these at Target. Not exactly Frye's but they didn't break the bank:)
Now it's time to finish all of the mundane-laundry,laundry and more laundry-so I can reward myself with a pumpkin spice latte and a matinee.

*edit-apparently the first day of fall is tomorrow...oops. Yeah, tomorrow is going to be a few degrees hotter so I'm still hating on summer's death grip!

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