Friday, September 3, 2010

deja vu

details:top&bracelet~f21/cardigan~anthropologie/jeans~william rast flares/shoes~steve madden/necklace~target

Friday!!!!Today is my last at work! I work for my father and while I love him, working with family is never easy. I'm a little nervous about what I'm going to do with the rest of my life but I'm excited by the possibities. I know the I'm going to get some rest and finish up lots of projects around the house we've started but haven't finished-master bedroom I'm lookin' at you!

Wednesday I decided to get back on my workout game. I did my 45 minute Jackie Warner dvd and felt really good after. Fastfoward to yesterday and I literally couldn't move! Muscles I didn't even know existed were screaming in pain!! I took some advil and rested yesterday but today I knocked it out again! I'm so proud of myself:) If you like working out at home I really recommend her dvd. While it's a sculpting workout I feel like I'm getting a good cardio workout as well. Plus, she's not as grating as that d*mn Jillian Michaels.

I feel like this my go to Friday outfit-breezy tank, cardigan and jeans. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it:) I purchased these William Rast flare jeans from Rue La La in my quest for the perfect flares. The jury is still out on how I feel about them. I love the color. I think they're flared just enough but I don't the back flap pockets and....they are rhinestoned out...meh. I guess I'll only be able to wear them with longer tops or get used to my a** being blinged out.

And just because it's officially September....


  1. Blinged out a$$--HA! I love this look on you. That sweater is amazing!!!!!!!

    I'll have to check out Jackie Warner vid...but I do love Jillian Michaels.

  2. Loving the flares with the layered blouse. Perfect blend of summer/fall.

  3. Absolutely love the top and the cardigan. Is that cardigan current from Anthro? I'm into artsy and whimsical pieces and you nailed it on the head for me with your tops!

  4. Those jeans look great on you, I might need to get a pair! Don't forget to enter my Closet Clean-Out Giveaway, a new giveaway for every day this week!

  5. Wow! Congrats on starting a new (non-work) phase of your life. When I stopped working it was a tough transition, but now I never want to go back to work (those days are numbered, though!).
    And good for you for jumping back on the workout horse! Even though I really workout so I can fit into my jeans, it really makes me feel a whole lot happier, too. And that EWF song is one I used to hear in my kickboxing class (yes, you can kicka** to that tune!). Love it!

  6. I love that top! It's absolutely gorgeous.

    I may have to go check out that workout. I was doing Phase One of the Insanity workouts for about four months but still don't have Phase Two, so I got bored and went back to using The Firm DVDs. Those are great too, check them out if you're not already familiar with them.

  7. You're not gonna believe this, but I have that top! look....

    and I love it!!! Looks great paired with that long cardigan and jeans!

    Eboni Ife'

  8. I love September!!! It's probably my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire song. It was the song I chose to get the dancing started at my wedding. Just gotta grove to it!

    And as always, your effortless style inspires me to try new things in my wardrobe. Have a great weekend! :)

  9. Good luck with everything!

    And as usual, you look fabulous! I LOVE that top and the whole combo.

    Boy, I can't wait until it becomes jeans weather for me again!

  10. Love this look - so feminine and ethereal! I just saw a similar top at Target last night...maybe I need it to go with my Elodie cardi!

  11. Those jeans make your legs look like they're a mile long. I don't think you have ever worn an outfit that I don't like. Seriously.

  12. Courtnee,

    Your outfit rocks right along with the Earth, Wind and Fire video. My BF and I were singing right along. How fun.


  13. lovely! i adore this top. it's so dreamy and feminine! and thanks for the song! i love EW&F!
    hope you had a great weekend, courtnee!!