Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm blushing

tiered ruffle skirt~target
turtleneck~the gap
tights/white button down~old navy
boots~jessica simpson
i saw this skirt in target and loved everything about it-the blush color, the tiers, the ruffles!. then i did something i do a lot, i brought it home put it in my closet and forgot about it. it started popping up on fashion blogs and i thought it was super cute. it finally dawned on me that i'd already purchased it. it is definitely time to give my closet an overhaul! in the past few weeks i've seen this styled in a lot of different ways and i pretty much love them all. i decided that simple was probably best for me. i knew i was going to pair it with a black turtleneck. i added the button down underneath. in years past i would have never layered this way but i kind of love the look of the white collared shirt underneath the turtleneck. it's december in ohio so tights are a must at this point. i originally put on a pair of pumps but at the last minute decided to wear these boots. i got the them a few months ago and have never worn them. they're kind of an awkward height. they're too tall to be booties but not tall enough to work with jeans tucked in to them or maybe my legs are just too short. i think the fact that i'm wearing the black tights makes them look a little less awkward. it was a cold this morning so i added this jacket. it also gives the silhouette a little more definition which i need. but my favorite thing about this outfit is the jewelry. i freakin' love this ring!! it reminds me a little of the ring samantha had in sex and the city.
there's not much on the schedule today. there are a few little decorating touches that i need to do, but i may wait and do that this weekend. this evening i'm going to work out, make a fire in the fireplace and read! have a wonderful tuesday!


  1. What a beautiful ring, and I love your skirt, I am drooling big time over here:)

  2. Love the Target skirt on you! It's great, isn't it?!

  3. You got that skirt at Target?! OMG SO jealous! You look so stylish!

  4. Really pretty dress and appropriate for the season. I'm in love with the color and those nude pumps work perfectly!!

  5. omigosh, i bought this too! i am waiting to wear it. i love the blush and black!! love!!

  6. You look fab in the skirt. I haven't worn it yet and need to style it. Love how you did it & love your ring :-)