Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lovely blogger award

the lovely dea at the dea diaries nominated me for my first ever blogger award! I'm supposed to reveal seven random(and hopefully interesting)facts about myself. I must still be in vacation mode because this is proving to be extremely difficult.

1. my parents forgot my sixteenth birthday. seriously. it was like living my own personal version of sixteen candles except hunky jake ryan did not come to rescue me from my nightmare. in their defense they bought me a car a few months earlier but a happy birthday would have been nice.

2. i modeled as a child. this probably explains why i hate having my picture taken as an adult(ironic for someone that relies on self pictures everyday for their blog)

3. i hate chipped nail polish. this means that i do my nails at least twice a week. it drives doug insane because he hates the smell of it.

4. three of my four kids were "natural" births, meaning no drugs. this was not by choice. the longest i've ever been in labor is 10 hours. they usually come so quickly that there is no time for any drugs. i'm sure it was super painful but thankfully i've blocked it all out:)

5. i am the youngest of four but my brother closest to me in age is sixteen years older than me. my other two siblings are eighteen and twenty years older than me. i basically grew up as an only child.

6. i went to spain when i was 15 with my school. we were eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe and someone swiped my friends purse off the back of her chair. i was the only one that saw it, so i chased down a thief on the streets of madrid. he took one look at a screaming american and dropped her purse and walked away. what was i thinking?

7. i have nine tattoos. i still like most of them but there are a few that i regret. fyi:it is really difficult to convince your teenagers that tattoos are not the best idea when you have a bunch of your own.


  1. Happy for you. Wow I love reading all the random interesting stuff about you. Wow you had courage to run behind the thief:)

  2. I absolutely loved reading this and learning more about you! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!