Friday, December 4, 2009

seven swans a swimming

detail of the dress and part of our christmas tree

the new glasses

dress~anthropologie~flight-of-the-swans dress
turtleneck~the gap
cropped cardi~abercrombie
tights~old navy
shoes~steve madden
i did it. i brought home my lovely flight-of-the-swans dress. i'm in love! i feel like i should be wandering the streets of paris having a grand adventure. alas, i'm at work and later 'll be taxiing the kids around. anyhoo, i love this dress!! i tried to dress it down a little for work by wearing the black turtleneck underneath it. i bought this cardigan a million(or more likely 5 or 6)years ago at abercrombie. the sparkle was calling out to me from the storefront and i braved the obnoxiously loud music and obnoxiously loud teens to nab it. i still love it to this day. the cardigan over the dress and turtleneck makes it look a little more casual. i'm also really loving the light colored shoes with black tights. i know it's a small change but it's not something i would typically do and i'm glad i stepped out of my style box. i'm also wearing my new glasses. i bit the bullet on the "nerd" frame trend. the are a bit reminiscent of my 80s look but i still like them. the rest of my family...not so much. d thinks they're a "fashion girl" thing and the kids looked at me like i was insane, although my son said i looked pretty(i love that kid!).
i'm so happy for the weekend. no big plans, just time to veg out and watch season 3 of dexter. have a happy weekend!
*i may post better pictures later*


  1. The dress is awesome on you!! I love the whole ensemble for work-attire purposes, very glam!! Good decision on getting it.

  2. First of all, I love the glasses! You pull them off flawlessly. And I laughed because my boyfriend tells me that things look "fashionable" when he really doesn't like it! And your dress looks so pretty :)

  3. dea~i felt very glam at work:)it's a nice feeling to have during a very long and tiring day.

    christen~thanks for support on the glasses:) i'm adjusting and loving them more today.

  4. this look is perfection. period.