Friday, December 18, 2009

blue christmas

striped rugby sweater~the gap
blue shoes~steve madden!!i can't believe how exhausted i am. i've paced myself this holiday season but i really need a night off to lay in bed, catch up on all the magazines and books that are stacked on my night stand and drink a decadent cup of hot chocolate. but, on of my best friends is coming into to town today and tonight we are grabbing a few happy hour cocktails, tomorrow night we celebrate christmas with doug's mom, step-dad and siblings and sunday we are having an office party. so, it seems like i won't get much rest this weekend.

today i really opted for comfort. these wide leg jeans are the most comfortable jeans i own. this gap sweater is so warm and cozy. the stripes remind me of the prepster days of my youth. i decided to pile on all shades of blue by adding the necklace from anthro and the blue suede shoes. have a happy friday!!


  1. I love the whole outfit. It looks so comfy and warm.

  2. adrienne~thanks:)comfy and warm is going to be the best bet this weekend as the temps drop.
    btw~i love your blog!

  3. Too flippin' cute. I want that sweater!

  4. love the blue and gray with that necklace. also love your pretty hair.