Tuesday, December 15, 2009

one hundred

floral sweater~f21
footless tights~target
shoes~steve madden
wow...one hundred posts! i wasn't aware i'd reached the one hundred post mark until i got ready to post yesterday. yesterday's outfit was so lackluster-jeans and turtleneck and one hundred posts demands a bit of a celebration...no? nothing says p-a-r-t-y like crinoline. i built this entire look around what is basically an under garment and i'm in love! i got this skirt on sale at anthro. there were some reviews that were not very positive but i love it. i love that the material of the skirt is light weight, almost sheer and banded with grosgrain ribbon. it has a real vintage quality to it that i love. the sweater is from f21 twist parisian collection. the rose print is really sweet and the little lace rosette at the shoulder gives it a whimsical vibe. i love the contrast between the light colored skirt and the black tights with the nude patent leather shoes. the footless tights gives the look a modern punch. i didn't want to look like i was going to vintage costume party. this morning doug asked me why i was so dressed up. i think every now and then you need to dress up for yourself.

i'm practically done christmas shopping..this is unheard of for me!!! tonight we have my son's band concert and i hope to start wrapping gifts. happy tuesday!!!


  1. you look adorable. love the skirt and your tree:)

  2. Wow you are done with your shopping. I have not even started yet:) I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all those sweet comments. You always look so good in skirts, and I love the color of your walls. By the way I love today's skirt, really pretty.

  3. I was browsing weardrobe idly tonight as I was uploading some recent pictures, when I saw you in your Four-If-By-Sea skirt and was instantly drawn in like a moth to the Anthro flame! Your blog is very sweet and cute, and I am pretty sure we own 50% of the same things :) And congrats on 100 posts! That is quite the accomplishment. I am on the verge of 200 posts myself, but I have snail's pace, and it has definitely taken me well over double your time to achieve that :)

  4. This outfit it genius!! Love everything together, love the layers underneath the skirt, and the fabulous shoes!!