Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sexy eskimo?


sweater~the gap

cropped pants~anthropologie

leopard print peep toes~aldo


on no she didn't....yes i did! i paired my norweigan, artic looking warm wool sweater from the gap with a pair of blue cropped pants. you may have noticed that if i'm not wearing jeans i rarely wear pants. i'm not sure why. i guess i just have a hard time finding a pair that i feel are really flattering. dress pants scream business casual to me and khakis scream suburban soccer mom so what's a girl to do? i've been dying for a pair of matchstick cords from jcrew(and i've heard that they are marked down more in the store than online) but i've yet to find the time to make my way to jcrew. it was my intention to pair these pants with boots but i wanted to funk it up a bit so i brought out the peeptoes. i got a few strange looks at panera this morning but you know what i won't say anything about your crocs if you don't say anything about my leopard print:) if i had to describe this look i'd say it was sexy eskimo.

i wanted to say thank you to all the posters that left such sweet comments yesterday. i really appreciate it.

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