Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

twas the night before christmas.

christmas eve...heading out for dinner.

henry got a snuggi for christmas...he looks thrilled.

out with my best girls and i'm over the moon happy in my new rodarte for target dress!!

i hope everyone had an amazing holiday! i can't believe how quickly time has passed the last few days. to be honest i've had such a great christmas that i forgot to grab my camera to capture a lot of those moments. one of my best friends was here from memphis and we had such a great night out on the town(note to self...the next time the bar tender tells you it's 1/2 bottles of wine night...RUN!!). i had a fantastic christmas eve with my kids and the love of my life and we had a quite day christmas day at home with kids playing dj hero and eating and sleeping and eating some more:) these are just a few of the captured moments.
christmas is hard for me. my first marriage imploded during the holiday season and try as i might to move on a little bit of that sadness has always lingered. this year i tried really hard to stay in the moment, to allow myself to feel those tiny moments of sadness and pangs of regret, but mot to dwell on it. next year my oldest will be off to college it won't be the same so i really want to enjoy this. i did! this year wasn't without a little stress but it was the best christmas that i've had a long time. tonight i'm sitting here eating the last piece of my mom's amazing sweet potato pie and i know that i am truly lucky. merry christmas!


  1. sorry about the bad/sad memories, but it sounds like it's all on track now. glad you had a nice christmas. i missed your blog while i was away!

  2. Awww your Doxie is so cute in his snuggie! I bought one for Simon and he absolutely hates it!

  3. d-i'm so glad you're back and i loved the pics from nyc trip!

    kim-henry is still unsure about his. some days he likes and some days he hates it:0