Thursday, December 10, 2009

come on boots, start walkin'

turtleneck/tights~tj maxx
belt~f21 from another dress
boots~jessica simpson~nordstrom
goodness! the week is almost over. i've been super busy this week trying to finish up my christmas shopping. i was hoping to have it finished by the weekend but i don't think it's going to happen. we're also having doug's dad, step-mom and his brothers, sister and their families over on saturday, so i've been trying to get everything ready for that. i've been allowing myself an extra few minutes for sleep which doesn't give me time to take photos in the morning. in the evening, i've been cooking, shopping and heading to the gym so no time on then either. honestly, it's been so cold and windy that i've been sticking to my winter uniform of jeans, a sweater and boots. midwestern winters don't always allow for cute(or interesting outfits). sometimes you just need to be warm.
i bought these boots last night...i know i was supposed to be crossing other people on my list but they were on sale and i've been looking for a pair of black leather boots. i thought i was going to jump on the over the knee boot bandwagon but when i tried a pair on last night i realized they just were not me. i think i bought this skirt last summer at forever21. i love the colors in it. it also came in a bright green,grey and black. i'm kicking myself for not getting it in the other color too!it's a little big now so i added the belt to give it that high waisted look. i usually wear a white button down with this skirt but it's freakin' freezing today. i'd forgotten about this turtleneck but it works perfectly with this skirt. the black tights have a floral pattern going down the side of the leg. i'm not sure you see that in the pictures.
in other news...last night's glee! seriously, rachel's solo...that kiss!! and now it's gone until april. damn you american idol!


  1. There you are!! Was wondering if everything was okay... the pictures are beautiful, they look just like christmas cards! Love the skirt and the rich purple color,and way to go on the boots!

  2. dea~i can't believe how busy things have become around here:0 it would be much easier if i had a laptop then i wouldn't have to chose between bed, television or keeping up with the blogosphere.
    i've been playing around with editing so i'm glad you like the pictures:)

  3. That shade of purple is divine on you!!! And what a wonderful Christmas tree :)

  4. thanks christen:) i know you've been super busy. i'm enjoying reading the recaps fo your adventures with sophie!

  5. you are rocking some great skirts! love the purple hues on you.