Monday, November 30, 2009

stockings are hung by the fire with care

dress~the limited(four years old?)

it's monday....again! i was happy to see monday come this week because it means the kids are back in school for a few weeks. yesterday we got our tree(yay!!) and i put up some of the decorations. i'm hoping that by tonight the house will be completely decked out in it's christmas finery. this is the earliest i've ever decorated. the holiday season is hard and stressful for me. i think it's that perfectionist streak. i want everything to be so perfect that i inevitably set myself up for failure. this year i'm trying to be more zen about it. but, i figured the having the tree and the decorations up will help my stress level because it's one less thing i'm trying to cram into the next 25 days. since this is our last christmas at home together before the kids start scattering for college i want to really be "present" (no pun intended) and enjoy everything.

i've been in jeans(mostly) since last week so i wanted to dress up a bit. this dress is from the limited from a few years ago. i think i bought originally it to wear to a wedding. i love this rich purple color. there was another sort of silvery taupe color that i also really liked. if i'd known how much wear this dress was going to get i would have bought it in the other color too. the blues and purples in this cardigan pick up the color of the dress perfectly and of course it's keeping me warm on this freezing cold monday morning. i love this necklace from anthropologie and couldn't resist the urge to wear it today. i can't tell you how much i love these crochet tights. they add so much personality to an otherwise safe outfit. after work i have a few errands to run after then it's home to get the rest of my christmas on!


  1. Very festive and pretty!

  2. Hey, you asked on my blog what camera I got - here's the link to the Canon Powershot I wound up going with. It's not top of line SLR or anything, but for the price I think the quality is amazing!

  3. alya-thanks for the link. i'll be sure to check it out.

  4. that purple looks so pretty on you. i just love how you spice up outfits with accessories too.

  5. That is a bad (as in good) outfit! You give me hope that when I become a mom, fashion will not walk out the door!!