Thursday, November 5, 2009

i could never get the hang of thursdays

top~twelve by twelve~f21
wide leg jeans~target

this was not the outfit i planned on wearing today. i put together a really cute look last night that includes one of my favorite dresses. however, when i woke up this morning i was bloated and crampy and the idea of having to wear spanx to keep everything looking the way it's supposed to in the dress was not appealing (good grief..that was a little tmi). today comfort wins! i love the color of this top. i would usually wear it with skinny jeans but i wanted to play with volume a little-and the idea of skinny jeans today was unbearable-so i puled out my favorite wide leg jeans from target. i swear every time i wear them someone will ask me where i got them. they are fantastic but super long so i have to wear my tallest platforms. i paired the cardi with the top to make it not so puffy and because the top has no sleeves just cute little ruffled straps and its cold here.

i lost the piece that holds the camera on to my tripod and i was running a little late so this was the only picture i could manage this morning. it's going to be a really busy day. i have a few hours of work, an eye doctor's appointment and then it's off to shuttle the kids around. i hope i have time tonight to check out the new h&m. maybe the crowd will have died down by the time i get there this evening.

i've also hit a bit of a block in the writing. i'm hoping to power through this weekend and get my word count back on track. have a lovely day!


  1. You look so stylish, I love it. Moms are always so busy, especially when we have to shuttle kids around. Have a great day.

  2. i absolutely love that top. it's a statement!

  3. This is so pretty. The pleats on that top are bananas! Love it!

  4. You are so stinkin' adorable! I'm a first-timer here; found you via Have a Cute Day...

    ...and you are cute! :)

    Come see my cuteness at thejoyofchristina(dot)blogspot(dot)com!


  5. adore this top! and i love wearing wide leg jeans with a flowy comfortable and yet gorgeous!
    thanks for visiting our blog! i think you're CUTE!

  6. fabulous top and love it with the cardigan!