Thursday, November 12, 2009

rhinestone cowboy

wide leg jeans~target
plaid shirt~f21
shoes~jessica simpson
sometimes after i get the kids off to school i crawl back under covers to catch a quick nap. umm...this morning's quick nap lasted forty-five freakin' minutes! needless to say i was running super late. i had nothing planned to wear so i pulled on these jeans. i bought this shirt a few weeks ago and i must say it is so comfy and cozy. i'm sure i'll wear it a lot this winter. the wide leg, plaid shirt and clog like shoe combination felt a little too....70s or maybe cowboy? i threw on all of this jewelry in effort to make it more modern and less of whatever it was before:) today is really a short work day for me then it's off to run errands. have a lovely day.


  1. omg, LOVE that pretty necklace with the rugged feel of plaid. love!

  2. Those shoes are freaking awesome! And I love the seventies cowgirl vibe :)

  3. No, you did not get that shirt at Forever 21?! I am so into plaid right now-red, blue, pink! Do you mind if I shamelessly copy you?