Friday, November 27, 2009

toy soldier

military inspired coat~f21
i've finally come out of my turkey/sweet potato pie induced coma and managed to roll myself off the sofa. seriously, i can't imagine feeling a pang of hunger for at least a few days. d sent me a text asking me if i wanted to him for dinner tonight after he gets off work. can you imagine? my stomach is still full from yesterday and he's already thinking about dinner! today i got to sleep in and it was divine. no getting up at the crack of dawn black friday madness for me. i've been alternating between episodes of law and order and a say yes to the dress marathon. in the last hour or so i decided to run up to target(i hope it's not super busy). it's finally cool enough to wear my new coat. it does not disappoint! can you be in love with a coat? i threw on these skinnies from f21 and some brown boots and it's out the door. did anyone get up early to hit the sales? how did you do? happy friday!!

*i'm still trying to figure out the settings on this stupid camera! sorry for the blurry images*

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