Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dressing up

tights/belt~ f21
ranunculus necklace~anthropologie

i finally made it to the brand new h&m. seriously, i was like a frat boy at mardi gras for the first time, oohing and ahhing and trying to grab everything i could get my hands on! i lost my damn mind for a minute.(i also developed an instant crush on the guy that rang up my purchase. he was so cute and super sweet!) i'd seen this dress on weardrobe and was determined to make it mine. i love the colors and the watercolor effect of the print. i paired it with the crochet tights i bought at f21 over the weekend. the dress has sweet little flutter sleeves but it is november, so it's pretty much all cardigans all the time from now until next spring. i bought this boyfriend cardigan at target a year or two ago and i'm still annoyed that i didn't get it in the other colors they had. yesterday was sort of a blah day so i'm glad i took the time to get a little dressed up today. i really loved today's outfit but i didn't have time to get pictures until the end of an extremely long day. i hope that explains their quality, my lack of lipgloss and the expression on my face:) i'm off to watch a new episode of glee!!! have a wonderful evening.


  1. So pretty :) Love the pattern of the tights against the soft print on the dress. Unapologetically feminine!

  2. love the mixing here!

  3. I've toyed with buying the same dress as well. Somehow it just doesn't look right on ME, but you made it look quite nice. I especially like the crocheted tights.