Monday, November 9, 2009

it's a mad, mad world

leopard peep toes~aldo
moto jacket~f21(not pictured)

happy monday! last week and weekend were crazy busy for us. two of my daughters participated in a local fashion show and they had fittings and rehearsals last week. the show was saturday afternoon. i was beyond proud. not just because they looked beautiful, but because they have the confidence to get out there and work the runway. the group they are members of focuses not just on fashion and beauty but in building self esteem in girls. the members of the group are all races and ethnicities, all shapes and sizes. all of the girls did an amazing job. my oldest daughter also performed in her school play this weekend. the school performed shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream. she was fairy and she did a great job, especially since this was her first production. the kids also got their report cards this weekend. three of my four children made the high honor roll and the fourth one missed the honor roll by hair. enough of the proud mom gushing!
this is one of my favorite dresses! it feels so betty draper. i paired it with my favorite leopard print peep toes. even though the temperature is supposed to be about 70 degrees today(which is crazy warm for cincinnati in november) it was a little cool when i left the house. i grabbed my moto jacket keep the chill away. d and i are going to the contemporary art center this afternoon when i get off work. i know this dress is one of his favorites so i wore it for him. it's funny but whenever i wear this dress i always get compliments from older gentlemen. it must be something about the combination of the full skirt and the peep toe pumps that makes them nostalgic. this morning while making my coffee run a man about 70 not only complimented me but insisted on paying for "the pretty little lady in the pretty dress". it totally goes against every feminist bone in my body to be called the pretty little lady but i'm not gonna lie, it felt kinda sweet. have a great day!


  1. what a fun full dress! love it!

  2. That dress! those shoes! Gorgeous!

  3. You have to be one of the best dressed bloggers!

  4. First of all, I ADORE that second picture. Love pretty clothes in action.

    And that is so cool for your daughters. What an awesome opportunity and organization! I am sure you were so proud :)

  5. Love the mix of patterns with the dress and shoes, very cute!