Wednesday, March 2, 2011

orange crush


Today is a well deserved day off! I'm exhausted but happy to be spending the day with the husband.
Sunshine and warm temps have decided to make a cameo appearance. Bright and cheerful was the order for the day. Enter, the most obnoxiously vibrant skirt I own! It really is kind of traffic cone orange and I'm okay with it:) And what goes with orange? Mint green and polka dots, of course! I wish I had a better detail shot of the top. It's kind of a creamy ivory with tiny polka dots. But, I was in such a hurry to enjoy my afternoon that I didn't feel like retaking the pics.

Speaking of pictures...I usually take my own pics with a camera, tripod and self timer but today i asked my husband to take them. At the last minute I chickened out because I thought it would be too awkward. He threatened to turn on a fan, mist me with water and scream things 'like make love to the camera!" at me. Ha! He cracks me up but I think I'll stick to taking them myself:D  

 Enjoy the rest of your evening friends. 

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