Friday, April 9, 2010

going brogue

jeans~jcrew skinnies

finally friday!!! i don't have much to post. i'm not really in the best of moods. i didn't sleep well. then i logged on to facebook and a friend(an actual friend not just a six degrees of separation facebook friend) left a comment on my wall that was hurtful or not constructive at the very least. oh, facebook why can't i quit you!!
i have a quick stop in the office and i'm off for the rest of the afternoon. i hope my mood gets better. anyway, quick outfit deets. yes, these are the same jeans i wore yesterday. and, yes, they may become my new favs despite my daughter's insistence that they were floods! this tunic is four or five years old. it was when bebe was having one of their "not everyone wants to look like a kardashian sister" moments. i adore it. i saved it even when weight gain made it impossible to wear. i'm so glad it fits again. i'm trying to stick to my word about giving my feet and knees a rest and wearing flats. i love the brogues trend but i wasn't sure if it was a look for me. my legs are short and a little thick so i feel like i tend to look stumpy in flats. gilt was having a fab sale and i really loved the metallic sheen and the fact that these were laceless. they were sold out of my usual size 7 so i sized down to a 6.5. these fit perfectly. they are so comfy and easy to slide on. my feet are happy campers right now:)
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You look great and I love the tunic. Funny comment about Bebe- I used to be all about that store but somehow everything started looking like I live Miami and go out every night, and that's NOT my life, so alas, no more shopping at Bebe. Love those flats and they go perfect with the outfit! I love how you put things together!!

  2. Your jeans are not floods! They look so cute. Funny you should say that, I actually just quit Facebook yesterday. Hope your day got better!

  3. You look adorable!

    I love that necklace and the blouse as well! : )

  4. Those are very seriously the coolest brogues I've seen in a while. Might have to seek them out myself!

  5. Ha, I had to say that I literally laughed out loud at the title of this post...I'm a total dork and I love puns. Love the sleek, shiny silver brouges, they are really unusual and cool!

    Boo on waking up to a mean Facebook wall post, that's no good at all. I get the same feeling when I occasionally log in to see a mean, non-constructive comment on my blog, but it helps that I (hopefully) don't actually know that person. Time to hit the "remove as friend" button I think! You seem like such a sweet, genuine person and deserve positivity!!

  6. you are the queen of pretty cardigans!