Monday, April 19, 2010

spring greens

shoes~jessica simpson

happy monday! how was your weekend? friday night my girls took me out for a night on the town. we had a blast and i spent all of saturday recovering:D i have to say lounging around all day doing absolutely nothing felt a little bit decadent. yesterday doug and i went down to findlay market. it's right in the heart of downtown and they have organic and local fruits and veggies, locally sourced beef, bakeries, flower stalls, etc. last week i got stuck next to one of those pig trucks in traffic. i was literally sick to my stomach. it made me start questioning my diet and the amount of meat we consume. i would like to go all the way vegetarian but i'm not sure that would go over to well in my household. i have committed to making at least three meatless meals a week for the family. last night after coming home from the market i felt inspired in the kitchen. i made a spring a vegetable risotto with asparagus, peas, and string beans. i wasn't sure the family would like it but they loved it! tonight i want to do something with the beautiful red peppers we bought.

i'm not feeling particularly creative about wardrobe lately but you can't leave the house naked:0 this is what i managed to come up with. the dress is from anthro from last year. i love the colors and the pattern. i threw on the green cardi and my go to shoes of late and out the door!

tonight i get to pick up my dress!! oh how i've missed her:) have a wonderful monday!


  1. You look great and love the colors together. Yey for veggie meals! I tried being vegan for a month and a half but it got really difficult, especially with a hectic schedule. Best wishes for the big day!!

  2. I am in such desperate need of a day to just lounge around. If I don't get one at least every other week or so I feel so exhausted. It's about time.

    The print on that dress is lovely. You have the most amazing pieces in your wardrobe!