Thursday, April 1, 2010

in the garden

i was dying for these two dresses from the h&m in the garden collection. i think the white one is more my style but the colorful kimono is soo vivid and whimsical! of course the didn't have them at my local store. i don't know if i got there too late or if they never had these two particular styles. i was a little wallet was not:0 i guess it wasn't meant to be. in 24 days the zac posen for target line debuts and you can count on me being all over that!


  1. I love the white dress. Unfortunately, we don't have an H&M.


  2. I had my eye on both of these dresses - especially the first one. But I have seen them everywhere on everyone. So, I'm glad I passed them up.

  3. I got the Kimono one and it's just gorgeous. It reminds me of DVF style dresses. It's so soft and lovely! And it was only $20. I had to stalk it at a whole bunch of H&M's in my area, almost every one was sold out.