Thursday, April 22, 2010

flower bomb

chambray shirt~miley cyrus for wal-mart
shoes~bronx wedges
so i dashed into the seventh circle of hell, er, i mean wal-mart yesterday to get trash bags and laundry detergent and as i was headed to the checkout i spotted this chambray shirt. i'm not really sure how i feel about the whole denim workshirt resurgence. the first time they were popular was when i was pregnant with my oldest daughter. i remember wearing one through most of my pregnancy! anyway for $10 i decided to jump on the bandwagon. i think it looks great with this floral skirt from f21 and my new super comfy wedges. i can't sing the praises of these shoes enough!

this afternoon my daughter is taking her driving test! another bittersweet milestone. i'm happy she's growing up but sad that she's no longer my baby:(
update~she passed! she is officially hitting the open road:o
ps~i can't stop singing that party in the usa song~damn you miley cyrus!!!


  1. Howdy - Just found your blog and I'm having a blast clicking through it. I love that look on you - the denim and floral play off each other perfectly.

  2. totally cute! i have been wondering how i can incorporate my denim shirt into my spring wardrobe. thanks for the idea!!

  3. i hate walmart but love a good find from there. this is my fave look for spring. you look great!

  4. lisa~ welcome and thanks for reading:D

    anna~i didn't think it would really work with much in my closet but i've already found four or five ways to style it.

    d~seriously, i feel like a small piece of my soul dies everytime i go through the doors:( but you can find some really good deals from time to time...damn them!

  5. I wish I could brave Wal-Mart because I see tons of bloggers with awesome pieces from there. But I just can't decide if it's worth it... But I do love that chambray shirt!