Thursday, April 15, 2010

hello sunshine

jeans~the gap
hello! it's a gorgeous day! nothing says happy like the color yellow. i've always loved this color. when i was little my bedroom was decorated in sunny yellow and blue with holly hobby curtains and a matching comforter. good lord, i seriously dated myself with that reference. i don't think my kids know who holly hobby is but she was bees knees back in the seventies:)

anyway my love of yellow goes way back. when i spied this top in jcrew i died!! despite it's ri-dunk-ulous price i jumped on it(not waiting for it to go on sale). it's been a favorite for the last two summers. i will probably wear this shirt until it falls apart. it's a bit sheer so i had to put a cami on underneath to make it office appropriate. i think i bought these jeans at the gap outlet about six or seven years ago. i wanted a pair of ankle length white jeans but couldn't find any i liked so i bought a cheap pair cut them at the bottom and wear them cuffed. these wedges were an impulse buy. the sales girl talked me into trying them on. they are so comfortable. i'd sort of forgotten about them but i unearthed them in the closet this morning and threw them on this morning.

i have a busy afternoon of meetings trying to nail down the final details for the big day:) i'm hoping to make it home in time to lay out by the pool(my honey opened our pool this's not warm enough to swim yet!) and read before it gets dark.


  1. I'm wearing yellow today as well and love its cheerfulness. I remember this top and didn't think I could pull it off- you my dear on the other hand, have it nailed!!

  2. Love the bright yellow with the white! So summery and cheerful!

  3. i love that yellow for spring! so pretty!

  4. Ah, this is the famous Sophia blouse that sold out in about 2 days! Lucky you to get your hands on it, and it makes you look absolutely fabulous :)