Thursday, April 8, 2010

casual thursday

striped button down shirt/belt~f21
skinny ankle jeans~jcrew
suede bucks~jcrew crewcuts
triple strand pearls~target
leather satchel~anthropologie
hello all! i feel strangely "in the zone" this week. i have to admit that i'm a big procrastinator and that it causes me a lot of undue stress and worry. i think i may be turning over a new leaf. i've been on the ball getting wedding related and non wedding related tasks accomplished. i think i finally realized that with so much going on the next few months it would be catastrophic to put things off until the very last minute.
no work today but lots of errands to run. i've been having some trouble with my feet and knee lately. i may have to lay off the high heels for a week or so(ha! famous last words). anyway while i was browsing the jcrew website a few weeks ago i noticed they had bucks in the crewcuts section. one of the benefits of having smaller feet is that i can sometimes get shoes in kids sizes:) i have to tell you i adore bucks!!! i wore them in high school my junior and senior year everyday with my uniform. i'm sure my fascination with them is based in nostalgia. i'm so happy that i bought them. they are perfect to throw on and kick around town. i guess i'm having a quasi preppy fashion moment this week, yesterday with my anthro striped sweater and today with the bucks, the cardigan and the pearls. i was also hunting for a pair of skinny cropped jeans and found them at jcrew. i like the fit and the cut but i'm not so sure about the color. i feel like it's that weird in between color denim. i may have to dye them darker. i realize that i never photograph my bags. i used to be one of those that switched out my bag everyday and that got to be a bit much. i've now started purchasing more expensive bags that i can carry all the time. i was looking for a really nice brown or tan bag. of course, i found it at anthro...on sale..score! it is so soft and slouchy and pefect. at the same time i bought this bag i ordered one from jcrew that i love. however, i haven't been able to part with this one just yet:) i'm hoping the new jcrew bag will make it's debut soon.

have a lovely almost friday:)

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