Monday, June 25, 2012

reality bites

Last week we packed up and got the hell out of Dodge for a much needed vacation!

Of course, things never go as smoothly as you plan them. Friday night we ended up rushing Henry to the vet. He was making an awful coughing/wheezing/is there a squeaky toy is in his gut sound. The diagnosis, pneumonia:( He ended up spending the night at the hospital so that they could give him fluids and oxygen. They released him to us with orders to give him antibiotics and steam treatments twice a pay. So, yeah, the dog ended up going on vacation with us.  Despite that minor crisis we had a lovely time in Saugatuck, Michigan. There was plenty of hand-holding, beer drinking, beach walking and musings on buying our own little cottage on the lake...but, it's nice to be back home:)...I think...

 I immediately jumped back into work. There are one or two things I want to share from vacation that I think deserve a separate post, but instead of a boring photo heavy vacation post, here are a few insta snaps of our trip.

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