Tuesday, June 5, 2012

another milestone

Can I just take a moment to rant?! Sunday my youngest daughter graduated from high school. I will get to the proud Mama stuff in a moment(if you're interested in that stuff scroll past my rant....

Her Senior class had 600 or so students. I graduated from a school with about 700 students in all of it's k-12 grades. Because there are so many kids the graduation is held in the sports complex of Miami University. I'm not sure if it's the arena like atmosphere that contributes to the lack of decorum or if it's just indicative of the casualization of American society but it made my head explode. I'm not just talking about the lack of dress code. I'm not saying that everyone should have worn suits and dresses but I saw baseball jerseys/jean shorts, concert t's(with cut off sleeves)/jeans, booty shorts/tube tops/platforms,a see through dress with a thong underneath and my all time favorite a tank top/jean shorts/suspender combination! Seriously?! This does not include the cheering, whistling and air horn-ing when specifically asked to refrain from such shenanigans. I don't know if people were confused about what kind of event they were attending but my mind was kind blown!

How can we expect our kids to have sort of respect and boundaries when the adults in the situation are giving them this kind of crap to model! Or, am I just too old school?

Enough of that...here are a few pics I managed to snap.

Congrats baby girl! I am infinitely proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We fight like crazy but that's only because I see the greatness in you and I don't want you sell yourself short. Now, go do big things!

*just in case you're keeping score that's 3 graduations in 3 years! One more to go:)

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