Monday, July 2, 2012

pink flamingo and red lips

Happy Monday y'all! These pictures make me smile:) Red lips, crop top, quirky print on my skirt...and my best pin up pose(I'm lookin' at you picture#1!) I wore this a few weeks ago and completely forgot about the photos. The past week has been so hot that I haven't done much or worn anything other than cut offs, tank tops and wait for it...flip-flops. But in an effort to shield the masses from my hot mess-ness, I've also been staying pretty close to home working on flower proposals, reading and lounging by the pool.

 Yesterday I managed to pull it together to meet up with a girlfriend Indian food, conversation, and to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was so good! I loved it so much. What is about Wes Anderson movies that make you feel good?      

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