Monday, July 30, 2012


One of my fave girls, Molly, issued a color challenge. She is a master at mixing prints, color and coming up with fabulously out of the box combinations of both! I'm always up for a challenge...

The inspiration:green, pool, coral
photo taken by Molly

The look:

I wish that I had something that more of that punchy coral color, but part of the challenge for me was to use pieces that I already own but had never considered pairing together. The cardigan and the shoes are at least 4-5 years old and the blouse is a few years old as well. The print on the blouse is a little bit mumsy  granny much and for that reason I think I've always paired it with dark denim. Snooze! what was I thinking? Have I met me!? I'm the girl that that firmly believes leopard print is a neutral and has made highlighter pink a wardrobe staple. Why am I so scurrd of saying"Hey y'all the top I'm wearing is a little Blanche Devereaux and I LIKE it!" Head on over to anthromollogies to see what some of the other readers put together.

Does anyone else that grew up watching The Cosby Show say "CHALLenge!" every time you hear the word challenge? It's not just me..

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