Wednesday, August 18, 2010

win, place or show

details:skirt~anthro(very old)/top~walmart~shoes~seychelles

Happy Wednesday! Last night we had an impromptu cocktail hour at our house.
It included our wonderful neighbors, a pitcher of mojitos and a yummy cheese tray. I'm on a mission to bring back cocktail hour.

This skirt from Anthro is way old. I'm not sure why I bought it but I was oddly attracted to the stripes and the colors. It reminds me a little of a jockey's silks. Every time I put it in the donate pile, I dig it back out.

Tomorrow is the big day. We're taking my daughter to college! I can't believe it. I'm nervous, anxious, overjoyed and a little sad. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Awww...what a bittersweet time for you as a mama! And I love that skirt on you! I'm a huge stripes fan and you always pull off that retro and ladylike.
    Regarding your shirt: I just bought a VERY similar one at a garage sale for 75 cents! Mine has the yoke detail like yours and snaps up. The best part is that it's soft like sweats, so comfy...

  2. Olivia~looking at these pictures I was debating on whether I should have the skirt shortened. I think that's why I don't wear it. I love this shirt. I thought it was steal at $10 but your 75 cents blows my bargain away:D

  3. What a fabulous skirt! I love the color combination and you're right that it is reminiscent of equestrian attire.

    Good luck as you take your daughter to college tomorrow. I hope it is a special time for both of you!

  4. Don't donate it! I love that skirt, especially the length (and I don't often wear "longer" skirts). But it just works on the full silhouette!

  5. Love the outfit! I can cry with you re: kids going off to school. We take our son on next week, so this weekend is going to be full of family time. I hear it gets better.

  6. Good luck tomorrow. I remember when my mom dropped me off at college, I think I was more sad than she was. Do not give that skirt is amazing and looks beautiful on you!!!! Xoxo

  7. you look lovely! and congratulations!! your girl is going to college? that is so exciting!!

  8. My oh my... this whole thing you've got going on here is HOT! the denim shirt, the skirt, THE CLOGS!!! work it!

    you look fabulous...

    congrats on your daughter going to college. My youngest sister just went off to college last weekend, and my mom is totally freaking out now that she's gone. She was the baby, and mom is kinda feeling lost now that all the kids are gone. I am like 10 years old than all of my siblings so it's kinda weird for me too.

    Eboni Ife'

  9. That skirt is to die for! When you put it in the donate pile...send it to me! :)