Monday, August 16, 2010

hey, i put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right

details: dress~anthropologie/belt~anthropologie/shoes~seychelles(via endless)/brooches~vintage
Happy Monday! I've had lots of new commenters, subscribers and! Thank you guys so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it:)
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine started out not that great. My daughters missed their curfew-without a phone call or a text a message...unacceptable!-Friday night which led to some words with my oldest daughter(the driver and the one responsible for keeping them all out past curfew). She's leaving for college on Thursday so it was not a great a feeling to fight with her when she has so little time left at home. Yesterday we had a dinner for her and it was wonderful to have friends and family around to laugh and talk and look through old pictures. All is forgiven(mostly). I'm sure I'll be a mess when we drop her off Thursday!
This is the dress that started the obsession with shirtdresses. I think I could wear this dress everyday of the week and never tire of it. I should have bought it another color...smh! But, today is really all about the shoes! I ordered these fantastic shoes from endless. I think they may replace my Steve Madden clogs as the shoes you'll probably see in every post. They are so comfortable. A woman stopped me in the grocery store on Saturday to take a picture of them to send to her daughter. Ha! Have a happy Monday:)


  1. Isn't that the best feeling when a complete stranger compliments you?

    You do look stunning in this dress. It's a fantastic color on you and those shoes are great!

  2. Thanks Melissa:)
    Compliments do have a way of making your day a little better, especially when doing my least favorite chore shopping!

  3. i love those shoes!!! i need them in my life. that green looks amazing on you !!! xoxo

  4. Everytime you mention your kids, I think...oh yeah...she's a mom! You look so damn good! I aspire to be a mom that look like you! Haha. That shirt dress looks so awesoem on you. I loved how you added the broach.

  5. gee~ I may never take these shoes off..LOL! And I now have about six pair of Seychelles I want to buy.

    Cindi~ You're already stylin' so I'm sure it will be no different when you're a Mom:)

  6. PAOLO NUTINI!!! And shirtdresses are perfection on you. But your shoes are amazing!
    And motherhood...I feel your pain. I'm having some SERIOUS challenges with my brood lately. Such a heartbreak...

  7. These shoes are fantastic, especially next to the vibrant green color of the dress.

    Good luck as you prepare to send your daughter off to college! I'm sure it must be a tough and sad time for all of you!

  8. Loving those shoes. I have an off on love affair with shirtdresses. This look and the color is fantastic on you.

    I can't help much with daughter issues. I have a very grown son. I would be scared to death if I had girls.

    Because I was one.


  9. Do you ever not look lovely, Courtnee? =) I agree with the comment above...I always wanted all boys 'cuz I never wanted to have to raise myself...

  10. I love this dress and your shoes are to die for!