Monday, August 2, 2010

don't wake me...i'm dreaming!

After seeing, Inception, this weekend, I was hoping that my Monday Morning was a dream inside a dream. The crazy barking dog and the absence of the "dreamy" duo of Leo DeCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt confirmed that it was real life:( I'm not going to gush over the movie and I wouldn't know where to begin even if I was inclined to give you spoilers but it's really, really good!
I can't believe it's the beginning of August! The next few weeks will be crazy as we try to squeeze in a weekend trip-maybe, get my oldest off to college and get the other three ready to go back to school(!!!). Doug and I both have birthdays this month too. I'm also considering some changes to the blog.
I don't know why but fall always makes me want to make some changes in my life.
Have a lovely Monday:)


  1. What a cute outfit! I love the peasant top with the full skirt, plus the brown accessories. It's so fresh and summery!

  2. Such cute shoes! I love the neutral color with the crisp white skirt and the cool navy. Very nice!

  3. Is that f21 top a recent purchase? I LOVE it. Great outfit!

  4. What a pretty top! I love it with the white skirt.