Thursday, June 17, 2010

wedding day recaps~part 2

we'd originally planned to have our ceremony and reception in the same venue. the more we planned the more we unhappy we were with that choice. we don't belong to a church and despite the fact that my dad is a minister, i have some unresolved issues about organized religion(i'm working on sorting those out). we found this beautiful non-denominational chapel on the grounds of an orphanage. we were allowed to bring in our own officiant and the fees are used to support the children the orphanage helps.

our officiant was amazing! we wrote most of the ceremony ourselves and he offered help and suggestions.doug wanted traditional say the traditional vows so we did but it was important to me that we honor our new family in some way. we made a pledge of family to the kids and presented them each with a gift. the girls received bracelets with a heart charm. their initials were engraved on one side and our wedding date was engraved on the other side. zachary got a pocket watch with his initials and the wedding date engraved. this was my favorite moment in the ceremony. doug was crying as he made this pledge to my kids, our kids. when we gave them their gifts they all starting crying which made me cry:)

" Doug and Courtnee walked down the aisle as two individuals but they will exit this church as a family. To honor this commitment they wanted to make a promise to their children and present them with a small gift as symbol of this family.

Rian, Logan, Skylar and Zachary, we vow to always cherish your intellect, to support and inspire you, to delight in your happiness and to offer comfort when you are in pain. We promise to always maintain a home that celebrates individuality, encourages laughter and disciplines with love. Please accept these small gifts as a symbol of our commitment to our family"

we wanted a ceremony that was thoughtful and joyful and that's exactly what we got. guests are still telling us how beautiful the ceremony was:)

the first time i got married my older brother gave me away. i am so thankful that my 80 year old dad was able to walk me down the aisle.

the entire time we were planning. i kept telling him i wasn't going to wear a veil."i'm too old. i'm not traditional. it will look stupid with my glasses" i decided to surprise him with one at the last minute! he loved(and secretly so did i!)

doug's stepfather serenaded us with a version of jack johnson's "better together" one of the flower girls dropped her basket which provided a funny moment.

my mom in her derby hat:)

i lost it during our vows but so did he:O

next the recption....

all photos courtesy of ashley steele bowyer~shoes in the window photography

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  1. look beautiful!! Congratulations on your recent nuptials. I can't wait to see the reception photos.