Wednesday, June 30, 2010

american girl


banderole tank~anthropologie

field game cardigan~anthropologie

denim pencil skirt~bebe(a hundred years ago)

melrow clogs~steve madden

happy wednesday and hello to all the new followers and commenters! i started this blog for me, to help me streamline my style a little better and to get more comfortable in my own skin. i can't believe that people outside my family read it and actually take the time to comment so thank you:)

this outfit features two anthro items that have hit the sale section. i don't think the tank is still available online but my local store had lots of them in the sale section. i should have probably sized down because the straps are too long but i didn't try it on in the store and i guessed on the size. eventually i will have the straps shortened but i really wanted to wear it this week. the cardigan went on sale yesterday. i love this sweater! i bought it full price and have never regretted it. i've paired it with so many things in my closet. i'm contemplating getting the gray one but i've made a decision to buy only the things on my anthro wishlist and there is so much pretty that i want right now. curse you anthropologie!!!!!

i paired it with this denim pencil skirt that i've had for a million years. to be honest after reviewing these photos i hated the way it looked! the skirt is bit too short and too clingy. it's a little too bootylicious! i think it's time to retire it:) i ended up changing into a pair of skinnies before i left the house:O

omg...these shoes!!! i've seen them on several bloggers that are way younger and cooler and i wasn't sure about them. i kept looking at them online. i wanted them but the price was a bit more than i wanted to spend. then i found a coupon for 30% off plus free shipping so i caved. i loooove them! the leather is so soft and they are comfortable. i put them on yesterday as soon as the ups man dropped them off and i wore them until about 9:30 last night with no aches or pains in my legs or feet.

i feel so patriotic in my red/white/ivory/blue outfit today. the fourth of july is one of my favorite holidays. warm weather, barbeque, fireworks...does it get better than that?


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  2. Oh lady, you are making me want the Field Game cardi ... you look perfectly prepped for the patriotic weekend!

  3. Those shoes are amazing and I love this outfit! I think the skirt looks great on you, but now that I'm an old married lady, I usually shun super tight stuff too.


  4. lisa~you should go for it! i love this sweater:)

    olivia~ thank you:) even though i'm more comfortable with my body i feel uncomfortable in super tight clothes...go figure!

  5. this is the perfect outfit for fourth of july! not costume-y at all, just pretty and chic.

  6. love the stripe with the print. it's 4th chic!

  7. OMG, the Field Game Cardi looks so cute on you! I didn't like it so much when I saw it, but you are working it! Now I might have to get it :)

  8. You look great! I have been wanting that top for a while but I have managed to talk myself out of it. After seeing it on you I think I am going to get it! I have the cardi and together the look is irresistible!