Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lobster roll

dress~salty seas dress~anthropologie

i can't believe it's already tuesday! i'm still recovering from the very busy weekend. anyway, i was delighted that this dress went on sale! i was considering it for our rehearsal dinner but i ended up wearing another dress(the polka dot one) and then i i got tired of spending money....seriously, did i just say that?! i decided to pass but would still visit it from time to time on my wishlist. when it popped up on sale it was a go. i'm so glad i decided to get it. i love it and the fit of the petite size ordered online fits much better than the regular size i tried on in the store. my daughters aren't giving this little number much love but the lady that chased me down in the grocery to tell me she loves it, is giving it two thumbs up:) i added a little braided belt to give it a little more interest and threw on the green suede wedges to make it a little more fun(as if a dress covered in lobsters needs more fun..ha!).

i thought last month was busy but this one appears to be just as jammed packed! i think we have every weekend booked until after the fourth of july. i'm not a person that likes to have a jammed packed social schedule. i'm more of home body so all of these obligations have me a little frazzled. i love spending time with family and friends but i'm hoping for a nice quiet afternoon where i can lounge by the pool and read sooner rather than later.

our photographer said that we should be getting our pictures in the next week or so and i am planning on doing a wedding recap post. i also wanted to do a little mini recap of our wonderful honeymoon in savannah(which we loooooved!!!)but i haven't managed to find the time for that either:( as much as i lecture my kids about time management, i haven't been doing a great job of it lately. oh well, i'm off to watch the season finale of glee! have a lovely tuesday evening.


  1. I loooooooooooved that dress. I wanted to order it so badly, but I didn't spring for it in the end. I really love how you paired it with the wedges!!


  2. That dress is super fun! And those shoes are amazing...can't wait for wedding pics...


  3. i love this dress on you! gorgeous!

  4. this dress is one of my new favorites!

  5. holla i have this dress too! it's the coolest!