Tuesday, June 29, 2010

don't worry be happy

shoes~jeffrey campell
hello! isn't it funny how a small adjustment in your thinking makes things so much better? lately it seems like i've been really sad. there are a lot of changes going on especially with my daughter leaving for school in the fall. i don't do well with change and i'm really handling it as well as i thought i would. yesterday i woke up thinking how lucky i am. i have a nice home, children that are happy and healthy and a relationship that i treasure...everything else is fixable or changeable. that small tweak has made a huge difference in how i'm feeling this week:)
all of that brings me to this dress today! i found this dress a few years ago in vintage store and i fell in love with it. red and white are such happy colors. every time i wear it i smile all day long. i'm pretty sure it's homemade and there are no labels or tags on the inside. the flowers down the front are actually cut from fabric and then sewn on to the dress and there are rhinestones attached to center of the flowers. it is fantastically sewn. i'm also wearing my wedding shoes today. every time i look down at my feet i giggle thinking about how fun we had dancing the night away! seriously...this outfit is like prozac in a dress:O


  1. What a great mindset! And a great dress to match. I love that you got wedding shoes you can wear again. That was totally my goal as well.

  2. beautiful! I like your attitude advice- it's so true!

  3. You look adorably vibrant in that dress! It really is beautiful; such a great find!

  4. I love that dress on you - and your mindset! We all sometimes have to be grateful for what we have!

  5. That dress is *incredible*. And I love that you'll still wear your wedding shoes :)