Thursday, June 10, 2010

watching the ships roll in

skirt~anthropologie~very old(2003?)
striped tank~anthropologie~part of a undies set
shoes~steve madden
this skirt is way old but it is one of my husband's favorites. today we're having lunch so i thought i would dress up in something i know he loves:) i usually wear it with white but i decided to go for one of my favorite color combinations(red/pale blue) instead. i got this tank as part of set-it came with super cute boy shorts-at one of my showers. i think it's way too cute to wear under something or to bed so it's having it's daytime debut today:) the rest of the oufit is fairly basic-cardi, belt and a pair of heels-but i'm happy with the way it turned out.

we have a huge storage space in our basement that has become the dumping ground for everything we don't want. in an effort to make room for wedding presents and other stuff that we actually need to store Doug really wants to clear some stuff out. last night, i started going through bin after bin. i'm embarrassed by the amount of stuff i have, especially clothes. i ended up with about 7 heavy duty trash bags full of stuff to donate and two large bins of shoes! i did find some great stuff that i'd virtually forgotten about. six years ago i went through a period where i was in love with vintage dresses and i started buying them off of ebay. i found several of those dresses that i can't wait to wear again! it felt really good to let some of that stuff go.

have a beautiful thursday:)


  1. You look lovely Courtnee and that skirt is amazing! So so beautiful and I think it's so sweet you wore something especially for hubs!

  2. Well honey I love your blog! What thrift store did you take everything to so I can go there and get all of your old stuff! Congrats at your wedding :)

  3. Love this outfit on you... very ladylike. And I can't wait to see your vintage dress collection!

  4. vinya~welcome to the blog and thank you:)

    dea~i think this was one of my first purchases when cincy got an anthro and i still love it:) at lunch the hubby noticed and told me "i knocked his socks off!"..he's a keeper:)

    olivia~ it does have a ladylike feel to it. i'm trying to get motivated to get back in the gym that way i can wear all of my vintage dresses not just the few that still fit:D

  5. I really love that skirt and totally understand why it would be one of your husband's favorites!