Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hot, hot heat

skirt~odille~anthro~very old

hey all! i know it's been awhile but this has been the busiest summer of my life! just when i think things are going to slow down we have another function or commitment. i've been trying to get my workouts in before work which leaves little time for picture taking or blogging and at the end of the day i've been spending time with the hubby:)

it's a hot one today! this odille skirt from anthro is something else i found while cleaning out the basement. it's so old i'm not sure when i bought it. the cotton is so soft and lightweight it almost feels like i'm wearing nothing:) i've been wanting to wear this top all week and i couldn't figure out what to wear it with to keep it from looking to heavy. i love it with this white skirt. the tan shoes give it a little bit of an edge.

i'm off to have a night swim with the family before heading to bed:)


  1. I have been crazing for a white skirt :)

    Hope you will enter my giveaway of a J Crew pearl bracelet at

  2. You look beautiful Courtnee and welcome back! I definitely feel you on having a busy summer, especially with this ridiculous heat. Love that you've got your shades on!

  3. I love that top! Can't believe it's F21. And spending time with the hubby is definitely needed. :) Chris and I always make sure we squeeze in some "cuddle time" before we head off to bed.

  4. The shape of that top is really flattering and I love those ruffles!

  5. love the combo. i really like it with the white.