Saturday, January 23, 2010


shoes~steve madden
yesterday was another long and busy but fun day!

i think i'm finally ready to confess my reason for the lack of posting and general whining about long days and exhaustion. i'm getting 98 days! or at least that's the plan. i've been keeping it to myself because right now we are extremely worried about the budget. due to some unforeseen events our budget was gutted and now we are scrambling to put together a plan b. so there it is. i'm getting married on may 1.

yesterday after work i met up with a friend that also happens to own an amazing catering company. the plan was to talk menu, etc and then head out for dinner. we had a wonderful time putting together a great menu. she needed some work clothes and an outfit to wear out dancing so she enlisted my help as her personal shopper. we had a blast putting different looks together. then we had a fantastic dinner, a great bottle of wine and talked about everything from food to men to the inappropriate conversation two employees of f21 were having while we were in he dressing room(i won't go into details but when did it become okay to talk about kinky sex at work?). it was a great night!

i didn't think this outfit was anything special but i got a ton of compliments on it yesterday:) the jacket is another one of my favorite f21 finds. i love the sparkle in the threads. the blouse was a late night walmart find. i'm pretty sure that it's almost 100% polyester so it can feel a little icky on the body. i almost didn't buy it but ultimately the print, the slight old lady vibe and the$5 price won me over. these wide leg jeans are the only jeans that are comfortable for me to wear all day.

today it's off to the gym and dinner with the future in-laws tonight. do you have any big weekend plans? have a wonderful saturday!


  1. Congrats. I'm so excited to see what you will do for your wedding ensemble. :)

    I have to compliment you on your look today. You look so chic. I love the wide leg jeans with the cropped jacket. I just can't tell you how much I love this look.

    About the kinky sex talk....I was in a local boutique one day and a girl was loudly discussing a similar topic. I don't want to know that about anyone!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS COURTNEE!!! That is so fabulous and exciting, and as an engaged person myself I can definitely relate to the excitement you must be feeling!! Wish you all the very best and you'll have to share on the blog what dress ideas you come up with.
    So cool that you were able to hang out with a friend and help her with shopping. Wouldn't that be such a great part-time gig, being a personal shopper for someone? I think it would totally justify your own personal shopping!!
    Looking lovely as usual, and impressed by your $5 find at Wal-Mart (gosh it's such a big place).

  3. thank you for the well wishes:)i'm trying to enjoy it and not stress out(too much).

    jenny- we are actually considering savannah for our honeymoon so if you have any hotel/inn/b&b reccomendations or know of any fun things and great places to eat that would be fantastic:)

    dea~ i would love to be a personal shooper. it was so much fun getting her to try on different stuff and showing her that she can incorporate a trend into her look and still feel and look like herself.

    i"m sure in the coming weeks i'll share some more of the wedding plans:)

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!! Enjoy the process and the organization and yuo´ll see that everything will be fantastic!!! And a lot of fun :DD!!

  5. oh my goodness, congratulations!!!! That's so exciting and I'm sure you have so much going on in preparation for the wedding :) And I'm loving the outfit too - the print on that top is great.

  6. Courtnee, congrats on getting married. Wish you much happiness.

    And I'm not sure why you didn't think your outfit was that's so cute! The colors are great together.

  7. you guys are so sweet:) thank you for the congrats!!

  8. Congrats on your pending marriage!! Always best to keep things simple that way you are not putting any unnecessary stress on yourself. I'm sure your wedding day will go off without a hitch! I love the F21 jacket!!

  9. congrats courtnee! you give me hope:) i hope all the planning goes well. i am sure it will all come together. if you go to savannah, i would go to paula "stickabutter" deen's restaurant. that's waht i call her. if i ever go to savannah, i am definitely stopping in there.

    i love your cute walmart find. love a good deal and i love how you styled it.