Friday, January 15, 2010

spot on!

satin short trecnch~f21
ruffled skirt~target
leopard spot hoodie~rodarte for target
turtleneck~old navy
boots~jessica simpson

tgif!!! this week has been so hectic i'm so glad it's friday. the kids didn't have school today and that messed up my whole morning schedule. instead of hitting the snooze button, i turned the alarm off! i woke up late...very late!! i didn't really think about what i was wearing i just grabbed some stuff and prayed to the fashion gods that i wouldn't look a hot mess. i'm not a fan of hoodies in general but when i saw this leopard print one among the rodarte goodies i decided to buy it. i like it. it's a little sportier than my usual style put i think it's fun. everything else you've seen before. i will say i can't wait to wear this target skirt in the warmer months with a pair of sandals for a night out. i love the ballet pink color. all the black and the animal print keeps the skirt from being too cutesy.

project runway...anyone? any favorites yet? i don't know all the designers names yet but i adored the plaid/punk dress! i would so wear that. i was happy to see nina and michael kors and guest judge nicole richie. small confesion..i love nicole richie. not necessarily my favorite designer(although i kind of liked his dress even if the judges weren't crazy about it) but definitely my favorite personality is anthony!

i have a ton of paperwork to finish and a meeting at 2:30 and then i'm done! i can see myself in bed and asleep by 9 because i'm exhausted. have a happy friday and a wonderful weekend:)


  1. Courtnee- I just realized that today I have on one of your F21 skirts! And it wasn't even the one I was admiring, how funny! I was scrolling through your outfits and there it was, and you wore it with the AE dotted tights that I thought about wearing today as well!! Great minds think alike ;)
    Love your outfit today, very cutesy. I own the same skirt (here we go again) but in the purple color...just stood out in its own way. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  2. I'm glad you got to sleep in this morning :) And for a throw-it-on-and-go outfit this looks pretty amazing. I love the sporty hoodie with the sweet ruffles :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Love Project Runway! That punk dress was awesome! No favorites yet since I was only half watching it while making study flashcards, but maybe next week I can really focus. Haha

  4. cute! i have that skirt. thanks for the ideas:)